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Top of Mind Awareness Using Social Media

There is a secret weapon for earning top of mind awareness! It’s pretty simple, really.  Have a niche marketing strategy, that’s where it’s at! When you cast a large net you can waste a lot of time and resources in search of a “big catch”, often times referred to as the “shotgun approach”.  Spread wide and hope that you hit your target within that wide net. But that’s a crap shoot.  If you focus on a smaller target, and use your best lures, you’re more likely to reel in a keeper. Follow these four steps to improve your brand awareness.

1. Advantages of Niche Marketing. Design a marketing campaign for a smaller, more specific group. Maybe it’s your FB followers or a group that you’ve been wanting to get a foot in the door. Define a specific group of people, like people who like working out, or people looking for anti-aging skin care, or a business type, like businesses who use a specific item or service that you offer. A smaller, more targeted approach feels more personal and will be easier to engage with your customers.  And you will better be able to serve that group when your laser specific on what you can offer instead of trying to offer everything to everyone.

What is a niche market

2. Build up brand awareness with regular communication. If you’re using social media, post frequently and at different times of day to capture audience attention. But make sure your posts are not “salesy”, you want to give people valuable information. They will then start to see you as an expert in your field and not just trying to sell them something. Sending an email campaign? Establish a frequency and format your customers can depend on, again, with quality information. You want to identify a problem and offer a solution. Same goes with direct mail.

3. Seek and share feedback. Customers love to feel appreciated. Ask for their opinion on new products. Ask for their opinion on what can be done better or more efficient? Collect and share testimonials from happy clients. A new customer wants to know that there are other happy customers out there, it will make them feel more comfortable, and you more trustworthy.

4. Reward frequency. Every business needs regular customers. That’s why new clients are the ones who receive the discounted rates. It’s much more difficult to bring in a new customers/business than it is to keep it. Offer a free product or discounted service to your best customers to ensure they continue coming back and foster that customer loyalty. They want to know their appreciated. You don’t want to forget about the people that came before to get you to where you are now. The more often they visit your business, the higher you rank on top of mind awareness.  It’s all about the customer, the service they receive, the benefit they get and how they feel about your business at the end of their transaction.  Positive feelings lend to repeat business and them telling their friends about your business which leads to more customers. A negative experience leads to lost business and possibly negative feedback either through word of mouth or online.  And no business wants negative reviews out there.

If you have any niche marketing examples i.e. techniques, case studies or what worked for you, please share them in the comments!

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